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Training and education consulting

Last update : 22.07.2020


Used for training courses related to teaching practices and to the design, creation and assessment of training courses together with teaching methods and tools.

Formacode® training area - Thésaurus de l'offre de formation
Source: Centre INFFO, 2020

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Education sciences

Educational theory (16)

       Educational relations

       Individualised teaching

       Instructional methods (14)

              Cognitive teachability (2)

                     Instrumental enrichment programme

                     Logical reasoning workshop


              Instructional tools (3)

                     Educational games (2)

                     Educational multimedia

              Open and distance learning (7)

                     Design of educational multimedia (7)

                     Distance learning tutoring

       Specific state education (1)

              Intercultural educational theory

              State education in difficulty

              The battle against illiteracy

       Teaching methods

              Language teaching methods

       Work-linked training and apprenticeship educationa

Training consulting (75)

       Design of training actions (3)

       Evaluation of training

       Training adviser

       Training audit

       Training management (23)

              Management of work-linked training and apprentices

              Managing a twi company

                     Training program definition

              Purchasing training (2)

              Training manager (16)

                     Training plan (12)

       Training needs

       Training standardisation

       Training the trainer (48)

              Teacher training

                     Knowledge of teaching syllabus

              Training the casual trainer (4)

              Training the specialist trainer (1)

Training in support work (15)

       Mentoring (13)

       Recognition of Prior Learning

       Vocational guidance techniques (1)

              Vocational integration consulting