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Environmental engineering

Last update : 06.07.2020


All techniques relating to heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Formacode® training area - Thésaurus de l'offre de formation
Source: Centre INFFO, 2020

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Air conditioning (9)

Clean room (1)

Environmental engineering regulation

       Air conditioning regulation

       Heat regulation

Gas installation (6)

Heating engineering (12)

       Boiler room and boiler (3)

              Treatment of boiler water (2)

       Heat safety

       Heating (7)

              District heating

              Electric heating

              Gas heating (3)

              Solid fuel heating (2)

              Wood heating

       Industrial heat (1)

              Industrial kiln

Plumbing (2)

       Feed pipes

       Sanitary facility (1)

       Valves and fittings (1)

       Water heating

Pressure vessel

Refrigerating facilities (15)

       Commercial refrigeration

       Industrial refrigeration (2)

       Refrigerant fluid (1)

Stove building (2)

Thermal sanitary facility