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Environment Planning

Last update : 06.07.2020


Used for general training courses in environment and planning.

Formacode® training area - Thésaurus de l'offre de formation
Source: Centre INFFO, 2020

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Agricultural environment

Ecological rehabilitation



Environment law (6)

       Classified facility (2)

Environment promotion

       Discover nature

Environmental consulting (1)

Environmental engineering (1)

Environmental management (20)

Greenhouse gases (6)

       Carbon footprint (3)

Land use planning (5)

       Comprehensive development area map (2)

       Local development

              Local facilities management

              Rural development

                     Land development

       Tourist development

       Urban planning (1)

              Urban renewal

Management of the water resource

       Drinking water supply

       River planning and management

       Water treatment


                     Water-treatment plant

Pollution (15)

       Atmospheric pollution

       Electromagnetic pollution

       Noise pollution control

       Petrochemical pollution

       Soil pollution

       Waste collection and treatment (13)

              Management of plant waste

              Treatment of hospital waste

              Treatment of household waste (1)

              Treatment of industrial waste (4)

Pollution-control industry

       Environmentally friendly products

Protection of the natural environment

       Conservation of the shore


       Nature park

              Nature park ranger

       Protection of the forests

              Forest ranger

Sustainable development (12)

       Agenda 21

       Biodiversity (3)

       Regional climate and energy plan