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Electrical engineering

Last update : 06.05.2014


All techniques used for the production, transportation, distribution and use of electrical energy.

Used only for general training courses.

Formacode® training area - Thésaurus de l'offre de formation
Source: Centre INFFO, 2010

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Assembling electric wiring

Electric measurement

Electrical engineering refresher

Electrical installation (73)

       Electrical circuits (4)

              High voltage (2)

              Low voltage (2)

              Medium voltage

       Electrical disturbance

       Electrical safety (46)

              Electrical authorisation (38)

              Electrical standards

       Electricity industrial equipment (11)


       Maintenance of electrical installations (1)

       Smart grid (7)

       Street lighting (1)

Electromechanics (2)

       Electric machines (2)

              Electric engines (1)


Household electrical goods

Wiring diagram (2)