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Last update : 22.06.2020


Used for general training courses in law.

Formacode® training area - Thésaurus de l'offre de formation
Source: Centre INFFO, 2020

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LAW (354)

Comparative law

International law (17)

       Community law (14)

              Community affairs law (5)

              Community property law

              Community social legislation

       Foreign national law

       International contract (1)

       International litigation

       International private law (1)

       International public law

Legal audit (1)

Maritime law

Private law (320)

       Business law (65)

              Commercial law (14)

                     Commercial contract (7)

                     Commercial litigation

                     Competition and consumption law (2)

                     Debt collection (3)

              Company law (43)

                     Collective procedure

                     Company formation (4)

                     Legal form of company (7)

                            Company status (2)

                            Status of grouping

                            Status of non-profit organisation

                            Status of sole proprietorship

                     Transfer of companies (2)

       Civil law (9)

              Civil liability

              Contract law (3)

              Family persons law (1)

       Director's liability (6)

       Intellectual property law (135)

              Copyright law (1)

              Data protection law (96)

                     General Data Protection Regulation (58)

              Industrial property law (5)

       National criminal law

       Press law

       Private adjective law

       Profession of notary public

       Property law (8)

              Property lease (3)

       Social legislation (95)

              Employment law (87)

                     Conciliation board of employers and wage earners i

                     Continuous professional training law (3)

                     Disciplinary authority (1)

                     Foreign employment law (1)

                     Labour inspectorate

                     Trade union law

              Social protection law

              Social security law (5)

Public law (12)

       Administrative law (9)

              Public procurement contract (8)

                     E-procurement (1)

       Constitutional law

              Civic law

       Urban planning legislation (3)