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Social action

Last update : 30.11.2020


Used for training courses in social prevention, support and integration of disadvantaged people together with the management of social institutions.

Formacode® training area - Thésaurus de l'offre de formation

Source: Centre INFFO, 2020

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Adolescence (3)

Childhood (55)

       Childhood welfare (1)

       Early childhood (32)

              Mother's welfare (1)

              Teacher of young children (10)

       Fairytale workshop (2)

Disabled (9)

Family (5)

       Care assistant (2)

       Child-parent relations (3)

       Marriage and family counselling

       Social and familial intervention

Family placement

Health education establishments prevention (13)


Management of medico-social establishments (4)

       Creche management (3)

       Medico-social establishment project

       Retirement home management

Management of sociocultural establishments

Medico-psychological aid

Medico-social aid (11)

       Abuse (3)

       Addiction (6)

       Harassment (1)

       Relationship aid (1)

              Social listening


Monitored education

Network social work

Night watchman

Preparation for entrance exams in social work

Social marketing

Social sector quality

Social work (3)

       Analysis of social practices

       Delegation of guardianship

       Prevention of exclusion

       Social and home economics

              Energy precarity

              Rural home economics

       Social welfare

       Social worker (2)

              Personnel counsellor

       Teacher of children with learning difficulties

       Training the social work trainer

Sociocultural leadership (6)

       Community life

       Education in the community (1)

       Educational workshops

       Facilitating the disabled

       Facilitating the elderly (5)

Sociocultural mediation (1)