DatAdvantage Training Course

Intra-company training

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1,00 day(s)

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Maîtriser la technologie Varonis DatAdvantage.


  • Module DA 1: Varonis Introduction
    • Discover all Varonis Product, and the importance of data Governance
  • Module DA 2: DatAdvantage Architecture
    • Identify each component and Understand the interaction between each of them
  • Module DA 3: DatAdvantage GUI -Workarea
    • Visibility of permissions, users and groups; bi-directional mapping
  • Module DA 4: DatAdvantage GUI –Recommendations
    • Recommendations, Modeling and Committing Changes
  • Module DA 5: DatAdvantage GUI –Statistics
    • Higher-level audit data: Data owners, data users, forensics
  • Module DA 6: DatAdvantage GUI –Log module
    • Detailed audit and permissions changes data and how to use it
  • Module DA 7: DatAdvantage GUI –Alerts
    • How to set up and monitor alerts
  • Module DA 8: DatAdvantage GUI -Reports
    • Configure, customize and schedule reports in DatAdvantage
  • Module DA 9: DatAdvantage Administration
    • Configuration, authorization, archiving and backup

Certificate, diploma

Un certificat de formation est remis à chaque participant à la fin du cours.

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