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About us

ILA is a non-profit organization founded on 14th April 2005. It was launched in Luxembourg following the Second European Conference on Corporate Governance organized jointly by the European Presidency and the European Commission in order to aid and support Directors in their functions. ILA is an active member of ecoDa, the European Confederation of Directors Associations.

The mission of ILA is to promote the profession of Directors by developing its members into highly qualified, effective and respected Directors. In parallel, it will promote best practices in Luxembourg in the field of Corporate Governance of companies and institutions by actively engaging with and contributing to those institutions and trade associations charged with the introduction, application and oversight of those Corporate Governance rules and practices. It will achieve this through high quality training, forum discussion, research, publications and conferences. ILA aims to be not only the premier interlocutor in Luxembourg on issues affecting Directors but also to play an important role at the European level.

ILA’s work is carried out via various working committees. The main mission of these committees is to organise think tanks, to ensure the sharing of experience on themes that are linked to the function of Director, the role of the Board of Directors and in a more general manner on all aspects linked to Corporate Governance.

Teaching methods

ILA is offering a variety of trainings linked to professional education and development, such as conferences, workshops or class modules. Each course offered is a combination of theoretical and pragmatic approach in order to guide the participants in acquiring the essential ability to perform their function. ILA works with experienced speakers with practical expertise.

The General framework of ILA’s training programs can be summarized as follows:

  • Director Training Programs: specific education programs dedicated to Directors and leading to the professional qualification of "ILA Certified Director"
  • Continuous Professional Development for executive and non-executive directors, and for all professionals interacting with board and wishing to increase their understanding of governance concept
  • Company Secretary certification program and courses
  • Conferences on technical themes and board activities developed by the various ILA committees
  • Several events on topical subjects of concerns

Training domains

Company management, Human resources
Secretarial and assistantship
Finance, Insurance, Law
Personal and professional development

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