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About us

I have been working as an independant German teacher in Luxembourg since 2008.
During this time, I have gained teaching experience working with a wide range of companies and individuals: Business people, lawyers, engineers, accountants, construction workers, civil servants, police officers....

Here are my highlights:

  • Employees of various companies courageously participate in conversations with their colleagues, customers or business partners in German.
  • They answer the phone, even when the screen shows "+49".
  • They handle their email correspondence in German themselves, without the help of their colleagues.
  • I have successfully prepared many candidates for the German examination in the "concours fonction publique".
  • For many of my clients, learning German has become a new hobby.

As a German teacher, I have a few principles:

  • We work with concentration, but learning German is also fun!
  • Of course, I am always on time!
  • For HR: You are in direct contact with me. This way I can answer immediately any questions you may have about the organisation, the teaching method and the progress of the participants. So you are always up to date!

My professional background:

I studied history and Slavic studies and did my doctorate on the topic of "Political Theory in the Early Enlightenment" - about the emergence of our modern world, in which our modern languages - like today's German – were also born.

After my studies, I worked for an insurance company before I set up my own business in Luxembourg as an independent German teacher. I worked for different language schools and training institutes like Inlingua, Global LT and Zarabina before starting my own project.

What I appreciate most: the tasks and aspects are varied, the collaboration with my clients is productive and there are tangible results: I enjoy working with my students every day and am happy to see their progress.

By the way: Life is not too short to learn German!

Teaching methods

Motto: You know more than you think!

We use everything you already know: Your knowledge from previous German courses, the German you learned at school, general knowledge of German from your life in Luxembourg.

I use two parallel approaches:

  • Free conversation, in which you can take your first steps even as an absolute beginner. This way you will soon gain the confidence to participate in conversations.
  • At the same time, we work on German grammar in small, playful units to ensure that you not only speak fluently, but also correctly. You will also get a general idea of how the German language "works".

I always listen to my clients' goals and questions and how they learn. The pace of learning is determined by the student. We keep our goal in mind, but learning should always be fun!

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