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off-the-shelf and custom-made course

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Management and organisation consulting, Support - Coaching, Training advice and services

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Belgique, France, Luxembourg

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About us

Since 2004, Agile Partner has been helping its customers exploit the innovative potential of software technologies and the human potential of their teams. We are building a resolutely open organization in which each of our employees (more than 50 passionate professionals to date) is led to develop their skills and to commit themselves to serving our customers to create maximum value.

Faced with the challenges of business development, digital transformation and innovation, we help our clients create and maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We do this in two ways: by developing custom software solutions and by helping software development teams become more efficient.

As the challenges are more and more complex and demanding, the development of custom software solutions allows us to respond to the real needs of users. Together with our clients, we seek the best response by adapting to the context and the market while keeping the user at the center of our thinking.

In addition, we help software development teams to work as efficiently as possible through coaching sessions, technical expertise and training. Each project, each team, each client being different, we support them in selecting and adapting agile practices that best fit their needs and context.

All of this is based on Lean/Agile methods. Composed of a team of Certified Scrum Master and qualified facilitators, we encourage collaboration, skills and knowledge development through the sharing of practices. We work with different methods and frameworks, such as, the best known Scrum, but also DevOps, Lean, Kanban, XP, SAFe...
Working with Agile Partner means sharing our values. Indeed, the company has adopted the values of the "Manifesto for Agile Software Development" and applies these principles in a pragmatic way. At Agile Partner, the values of Innovation, Collaboration, Excellence and Ownership are paramount and applied by our employees as well as by our customers. In addition, our ethics also emphasize respect for our employees and partners, in all their diversity

Teaching methods

Our trainings are the foundation of a broader support to help you achieve your agile transformation.

Whether in management or software engineering, our training courses are built using the latest Agile techniques and methods and with the experience gained in our missions. Our trainers are also experienced consultants who support teams in their daily work.

Our pedagogical approach is based on the following principles:

  • Facilitating the assimilation of content through activities and facilitation tools that stimulate several learning levers;
  • Stimulate collective intelligence through exchanges between participants and co-construct the session using their own feedback;
  • To develop participant engagement through active learning;
  • Restoring the acquired knowledge regularly during the session, until understanding the expected benefits and being able to implement them later.

Training domains

Company management, Human resources
Computer science, Telecommunications
Computer language
Personal and professional development
Personal and professional development
Quality, Security

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