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First aid in Luxembourg, the reference web site in the training domain in Luxemburg

Courses: 33
Training providers: 10
Training courses 33
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Training titleDateCity
Premiers secours 05/10/2020
(Other dates available)
Schouweiler Day
Premiers secours 06/10/2020
(Other dates available)
Bascharage Day
Formation premiers secours 21/10/2020
(Other dates available)
Bertrange Day
Cours de premiers secours 10/11/2020
(Other dates available)
Soleuvre Day
Erste Hilfe Fortbildung 13/11/2020
(Other dates available)
Bertrange Day
Cours de premiers secours 14/12/2020 Luxembourg Day
Cours de premiers secours (LUX) 11/01/2021 Luxembourg Day
La réanimation avec un défibrillateur Bettembourg Day
Cours de premiers secours Luxembourg Day
First Aid Training Luxembourg Day

Where do you want your training course to take place?

+ Bascharage
+ Bertrange
+ Bettembourg
+ Ehlerange
+ Hosingen
+ Kayl
+ Luxembourg
+ Schouweiler
+ Soleuvre

Are you looking for a specific training body?


What is the duration of the training course you are looking for?

+ Duration to be defined according to customer needs
+ 1 day(s)
+ 2 day(s)

Are you looking for an off-the-shelf or a customised training course?

+ Off-the-shelf course
+ Off-the-shelf and custom-made course
+ Bespoke training

What type of teaching do you want?

+ Inter and intra-company training
+ Intra-company training
+ Inter-company training

When do you want to start?

+ October 2020
+ November 2020
+ December 2020
+ January 2021
+ February 2021

What level do you want to reach?

+ Advanced
+ Beginner
+ Intermediate

What language do you want your training course to be in?

+ German
+ English
+ French
+ Luxemburgish

What word do you want to include or exclude?


Training providers 10
Results per page
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 Training provider nametrieAccreditationCity
ACE SÉCURITÉ10079326/1Schouweiler
Aforest Lux00125236/0Bascharage
AIFCC Luxembourg10076705/0Kayl
Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoiseAgréé par l'arrêté ministériel du 23 janvier 2012Luxembourg
G4S General Services00104834/15Luxembourg
House of TrainingAgréé par l'arrêté ministériel du 16 décembre 2015Luxembourg
Institut de Formation Sectoriel du Bâtiment102913Bettembourg
LC ACADEMIE10054397/0Soleuvre
RH Expert10007214/2Luxembourg
Stoll Safety120026/BEhlerange

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