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Inter-company training

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3,25 hours(s)

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  • Understand how your personal values, skills and competencies are relevant to your career
  • Discover what you need to get from a job to make you happy. 
  • Explore your work /life balance


An exploration of what you can do with the rest of your working lifeIt is a simple truth that nobody else is going to look after your career. It’s all down to you. Yet so many people drift into professions and perform the daily grind at work simply because they are afraid to do something else. Maybe they could not survive without that pay packet. Or perhaps they just do not know what else to do, or even if the idea of a career is possible.

Wouldn’t it be good just to put that mobile phone down for a couple of hours and reflect on what you really want out of your working life? Where are you going? Are you happy?

With his experience from many years of working in talent management in international, multi-cultural environments, and as a professional career coach, you will be guided on a mini-voyage of self-discovery. During an interactive workshop you will envisage where your personal values, talents and competencies could really take you.

Expert: Dr Keith Amoss ACC, Career Coach and Mentor.

Additional information

Les participants à nos événements sont informés du fait qu’ils sont susceptibles de figurer sur des photographies prises lors de l’événement. Celles-ci sont destinées à être publiées dans les supports écrits ou numériques édités par Maison Moderne.

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