TMMi - Test Maturity Model integration

Inter-company training

Who is the training for?

  • Testing heads
  • Test managers
  • Test consultants
  • Test leads and analysts
  • Business stakeholders
  • Anyone wanting to accredit their skills as a TMMi Professional and continue towards becoming a TMMi or Lead

Level reached



3,00 day(s)

Language(s) of service



General knowledge of test processes, test techniques and test project, gained either by experience or by way of a formal course like a ISTQB foundation course, is presumed.


The TMMi professional training and certification program is primarily designed to introduce the testing models in the industry, to sensitize the test maturity model to test professionals and to provide them insights into TMMi.
TMMi has been developed to support organizations with evaluating and improving their test process.


Introduction to test process improvement:
1. Introduction to the TMMi Model

2. TMMi Maturity levels
3. Structure of the TMMi

a. TMMi level 2:

i. Test policy and strategy
ii. Test planning
iii. Test monitoring and control
iv. Test design and execution
v. Test environment
vi. Metrics and performance indicators

b. TMMi level 3:

i. Test organization
ii. Test training program
iii. Test life cycle and integration
iv. Non-functional testing
v. Peer reviews

c. TMMi level 4:

i. Test measurement
ii. Product quality quality evaluation
iii. Advanced reviews

d. TMMi level 5:

i. Defect prevention
ii. Quality control
iii. Test process optimization

4. TMMi model

5. TMMi assessments
6. Implementation of test process improvement


At the end of the training, participants have the opportunity to take an exam. This exam will allow participants to complete their CV

Certificate, diploma

TMMi Certified Professionnal Test Maturity

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