The Legal Academy

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All public

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7,00 hours(s)

3 sessions of 1h30' and 2 sessions of 1h15'

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Legal Academy consists of 5 sessions.

  • In the 1st session, we will make an introduction to the fund/tax structures.
  • The 2nd, the 3rd, and the 4th sessions focus on the buy-out documents in theory and practice; agreements, negotiation points, and documentation.
  • The last session focuses on the director’s duties and liabilities as well as deals that go wrong and how we can mitigate the risks.


Session 1: Introduction and fund/tax structures

  • Overview of typical fund structures and hot topics.
  • Key elements to be considered for new funds and how to maximize the use of existing fund structures.
  • COVID19 impact on fund structuring

Session 2: Buy-out Documents Part I: SPAs, SHAs and MIPs theory

  • SPAs, Shareholder’s agreements and Management incentivisation plans - Key features and negotiation points

Session 3: Buy-out Documents Part II: SPAs and SHAs in practice.

  • SPAs and shareholders’ agreements - Key features and negotiation points brought to life.

Session 4: Buy-out Documents Part III: External financing including credit facilities and security packages

  • External financing documents including credit facilities and typical security packages - key features and hot topics.

Session 5: Directors’ duties, liabilities and restructuring/insolvency: What happens when deals go wrong/how to mitigate the risks

  • Breach of covenants, enforcement, debt for equity swaps, potential for litigation in the current crisis.
  • Directors’ liability.
  • Distressed investing and debt funds.
  • Wrap up of legal module

Teaching methods

Online Session with Q&A.

Certificate, diploma

Certificate of completion & CPD points.