Strategic approach and legal responsibility for CEOs

Inter-company training

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All public

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3,25 hours(s)

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  • Civil, criminal and fiscal liability: in which cases are these responsibilities activated and how can they be protected?
  • Departure of the director / manager: what happens to the company?
  • Transmission of the company: prevent a blockage at the opening of an estate?


The workshop will address the various professional risks that may involve the civil, criminal or fiscal responsibility of the entrepreneur, in the process of business and in case of bankruptcy, as well as the issue of the protection of the company against family risks such as the death of the business executive, and last but not least, the planning of the transfer of the family business.

The following three themes will be addressed:

  • The company manager commits daily responsibility from the formation of the company, during its management, especially when concluding contracts with third parties, or in the presence of a bankruptcy or liquidation. In order to avoid at best mistakes that would expose him to civil, tax or criminal sanctions, the leader will have to follow certain essential legal principles.
  • When a company executive leaves the company or dies there are consequences on the fate of the company including the authorization of establishment: is it obsolete? Can a provisional authorization be requested? What to do in the case of a financial sector professional approved by the CSSF?
  • The chief executive officer may also be required to provide for the transmission of his shares to his successors. In order to avoid blockages when opening a succession, it is essential to anticipate and prepare for the transition to the new generation.

Expert: Nathalie Weber-Frisch, YOURLAW

Additional information

Participants are hereby informed that they are likely to appear on photographs taken at the event. These are intended to be published in print and/or digital media published by Maison Moderne.

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