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Who is the training for?

  • Cours de langue pour une bonne base de formation au niveau A1.
  • Pour les personnes intéressées à apprendre une nouvelle langue.
  • Travail, Voyage, Culture, Connaissance et intégration avec des gens du monde entier.

Level reached

CECRL - Niveau A1


24,00 hours(s)

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Serbian is a South Slavic language spoken mainly in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, and Macedonia by around 11 million people. It is the official language of Serbia, spoken by 95% of the population, and the main one used in this country with beautiful national parks and mountains.

Virtually identical to Croatian, Serbian is written in the Cyrillic (or Russian) alphabet, and Croatian uses Roman letters.

Eight countries surround Serbia, some of which were also part of the former Yugoslavia, making it a landlocked culture, with much influence from its past as a member of the Ottoman Empire, the Austro- Hungarian and Yugoslavia, before gaining independence in 2006.

Did you know?

One of Serbia's famous landmarks is on the slopes of Mount Radan. Known as Devil's Town, this landscape is home to strange and wonderful red rock formations. Locals believed it was the result of demon fights, hence its evil name!


  • Introduction
  • Greetings of the day
  • How are you?
  • More greetings
  • My name is…
  • Please and thank you
  • I do not understand
  • Yes No
  • Countries
  • Numbers from 0 to 20
  • Where are you from?
  • What's the phone number?
  • Give your details
  • Where do you live?
  • What to do?
  • Colors
  • How do you call this?
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Drinks
  • What would you like to drink?
  • General food
  • In the kitchen
  • The verb to be

Teaching methods

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Certificate, diploma

OHC ASBL Certificat

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