Re-design Your Career with Design Thinking!

Inter-company training

Who is the training for?

Those who are impatient to change something in 2022 and to invest their time in building their next career step!

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6,00 hours(s)

Workshop of 6 hours + extra 1h session with the facilitator: TBD

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Getting insecure and lost in current professional situation? Thinking about shifting your career, but missing the "kick" and guidance towards the good starting point? Discover how the Design Thinking can help you to find your strengths, create ideas where you can use it and prototype your possible future job.

There might be a multiple solutions popping up in your head right now, rushing you to take next steps. But take time for yourself: get your thoughts structured, visualise them, elaborate your action plan and move. Based on the research (self-reflection, peer feedback, self-evaluation) you will find out your weak and strong points and discover the highlights in your career. Those insights will be used to generate ideas for your future career.

BUT we will not leave you just with ideas! in next steps, we will invite you to sketch or prototype them and test them in reality, using small experiments. Everything to be ready for new professional opportunities!

Last but not least: picture this moment! in the frame of our collaboration with local business Blink Blink Photo Studio, we invite the participants of this course to take part in the portfolio photo session: you will be offered a photo session with 3 portrait photos for the portfolio/Linkedin.


During the course you will:

  • Deconstruct your dream: what is your driving force?
  • Self-assess your competences (skills, knowledge, values)
  • Co-create new ideas with the peer group
  • Validate your idea using simple prototypes
  • Follow up with your plan (peer session online)

You will leave this workshop with an actionable prototype and an action plan for its implementation.

Teaching methods

In Art Square Lab we love to create with people. We are curious because we believe that business value does not have to be "invented". It can be "listened-out" of the user.

Certificate, diploma

Certificate of attendance