Presentation skills

Inter-company training

Who is the training for?

The focus can be on content or delivery, and can be adapted to suit a broad range of roles, for example: sales, report giving, client presentations and client relationship management.

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1,00 day(s)

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By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:
  • define the objectives of the presentation and judge the level of appeal
  • fully prepare the content and delivery of a powerful presentation
  • use an appropriate structure for their chosen presentation
  • improve their voice skills and be able to add meaning using projection, intonation, pace, pauses silence, tone, clarity use different visual aids, handouts and other course materials
  • analyse and develop their own body language and accurately interpret the body language of their audience
  • be able to deal with unforeseen issues


This course is available for any level of experience and seniority and is designed to enhance the abilities of anyone who gives a presentation, whether they are already experienced or a beginner. The course falls naturally into two parts content and delivery. Firstly, the delegates are explained the technique and content for the preparation of a professional presentation. Then they are guided towards the development of their own style of delivery by using both recognised and novel methods.

This highly practical course focuses on understanding and using the skills needed to produce highly professional presentations. Participants will be expected to deliver at least two presentations (of around 10 to 15 minutes) during the course. These presentations are video-recorded and analysed in class. This “see yourself as others see you” feedback is extremely valuable and helps participants get the most from the session.

Mode of organisation

Max. 12 participants

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