Performance Testing with Neoload

Inter-company training

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Developers, Web Designer, Web Designer


3,00 day(s)

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Windhof (Koerich)




A first experience in testing is required.

ISTQB Foundation certification is recommended.


Performance, like any quality characteristic, must be verified to control the quality of a software development or to ensure that a change in the software environment (update of the operating system, change of infrastructure, addition of new software in the ecosystem, etc.) does not cause collateral damage to the health of the application under test.

  • Discover performance testing through one of the best performance testing tools on the market.
  • Get trained on the Neoload tool.
  • Understand the basic and advanced features of NeoLoad.
  • Learn how to use it using the most efficient methods.
  • Know how to exploit the results.
  • Prepare for the Neoload "Neotys Certified Professional" certification for NeoLoad".


1. Presentation of the performance tests andNeoload
  • The importance of application performance
  • General principles of performance testing
  • The different types of tests: scalability, stress,endurance, degraded
  • Presentation of the NeoLoad architecture
  • Virtual User Profiles: record, make dynamic,validate/bug
2. Designing a scenario
  • Record a user path
  • Design a good scenario
3. Monitor the infrastructure
  • Define the architecture and monitor
  • Set up authentication to application, web and DBservers
  • Choose metrics and monitor
  • Define alert thresholds
4. Run a performance test
  • Define a test scenario (duration, load policy, injectors,advanced parameters of a population and a scenario)
  • Run the test and read the statistics in real time
5. Analyze the test results
  • Identify the causes of a performance problem
  • Compare the results of two tests
  • Use filters to refine the analysis
  • The debug mode
  • Configuring Service Level Agreements (SLA)
6. NeoLoad Web
  • Launch a shot from NeoLoad Web
  • Create a custom report
  • Share test projects in a collaborative way
7. Advanced features
  • NeoLoad REST APIs
  • Testing performance on mobile
  • NeoLoad for SAP interface
Practical exercises
  • This course is composed of theoretical and practical parts.
  • A lot of practical parts are done during the training so that it is dynamic.
  • Opening of the licenses for the dispensation of this training.

Certificate, diploma

Une attestation de participation sera transmise aux participants

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Windhof (Koerich)
FR 1650,00€

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Nathalie Thielemans / Nassera Aici

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