Collaborative online tools - Brainstorming, Mind Mapping and Decision making in digital meetings

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Brainstorming and Mind Mapping are creative methods most of you might know from team meetings, trainings or workshops. Group brainstorming, if done properly, can promote creative thinking, bring a team together, and help you land on the perfect idea.

But, how do you do the sticky-note thing online?

We will present you different online collaboration tools and let you test them to figure out just which ones work best for your collaborative sessions during a meeting


Introduction: Creative Collaboration methods: Definition, Presentation, Examples

Digital Mind Mapping Tools
Presentation, Examples and Testing of Mindmeister and Mindomo

Digital Brainstorming Tools
Presentation, Examples and Testing of Whiteboard, Jamboard and Mural

Digital Decision making Tools
Presentation, Examples and Testing of Slido, Decider and Mentimeter

Points covered

Digital Competence:

Interacting and Sharing through digital technologies
Communicating and Collaborating through digital technologies
Creative thinking
Creative problem solving


Mindmeister and Mindomo
Whiteboard, Jamboard and Mural
Slido, Decider and Mentimeter

Certificate, diploma

Certificate Art Square Lab

Additional information

First session (4h): Input, virtual workshops and presentation on Zoom plateform

After this first workshop participants can test and transfer the new knowledge into their team or client meetings.

Second session (4h): Feedback, Evaluation, Discussion and Proposals for improvement: how to ensure equal and active participation? how to include the participants with weaker digital skills? how to facilitate more complex activity?

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