Operational risks in fund accounting

Inter-company training

Who is the training for?

Any person implicated in the following FA related activities:

  • NAV calculation
  • Fund accounting oversight

Level reached



1,50 hours(s)

Language(s) of service



Over the past decades, the landscape of the investment fund industry has been reshaping itself, adapting to the financial markets evolutions. Along with that shift have come changes in the way the fund accountants operate, organise, manage risk, implement regulations and interact with other stakeholders of the investment funds value chain.

Our training aims at helping you understand and monitor the different risks inherent to the FA operations and processes.

By the end of this session, the participants will have a good understanding of operational risk linked to fund accounting activities and of its causes (people, processes, systems and external events).


  • Risk management and the different types of risks (market, credit, liquidity, operational and others)
  • Definition of operational risk
  • Operational risk (processes, people, systems, external events)
  • ORM (identify, assess, optimise, monitor, report) and the 3 lines of defence model

Additional information

This training will be coordinated by Sébastien Schmitt and Simarjit Singh Sra, directors at PwC Luxembourg.

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