Negotiate Like a Local, a crucial key to your success in international busines

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  • Understanding the concept of cultural dimensions
  • Understanding one's own personal cultural framework
  • Understanding when cultural differences are at the source of the challenges you have
  • Understand and use the 7 Mindsets to be more successful in international business


Imagine you would possess a pair of intelligent glasses and intelligent headphones which automatically translate and/or explain the words, actions and behaviours of a person coming from another part of the world in such a way that they would help you better see and understand the situation.

That is exactly what the 6D model of national cultures, developed by Prof. Geert Hofstede, THE goeroe in the academic research in this field, allows you to do. His research is used and taught in many universities around the world.

In their book ‘Negotiate like a local’, Marc Jacobs and Jean-Pierre Coene have built on this framework and developed a practical tool using 7 Mindsets to take the impact of culture in international B2B negotiation into account.

They have given workshops on the topic for large multinational companies and translations of the book in Mandarin, Spanish and German are in preparation.

This workshop is an introduction to Hofstede’s model and the 7 Mindsets of International Negotiation and is aimed at everyone involved in Sales & Marketing, Operations, Project Management and HR in an international or multicultural environment. 

Expert: Marc Jacobs, Hofstede Insights Luxembourg

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