Mobile Test Automation with Appium

Inter-company training

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Developers, Web Designer, Web Designer


2,00 day(s)

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Windhof (Koerich)




It is better to have basic skills in web programming, especially in Java and Selenium 2.
Having basic knowledge in software testing is also recommended.


Appium is an open source tool for automating native, mobile and hybrid Web applications on iOS mobile, Android mobile and Windows platforms. This training will teach you how to build effective tests, design scripts in a mobile environment, and run and analyze the results.

  • The scope of automation, the advantages but also the risks in a mobile environment
  • The architecture and operation of Appium
  • Set a test environment with Appium
  • Know options of case test creation, bring tests more efficient and replay
  • Automate application tests on a mobile environment (end to end)
  • Design, execute and maintain test that have been made
  • Manage the continual integration with Appium


1. Introduction to Mobile Automation Testing
  • Test Automation on Mobile
  • Benefits and limits of the automation of mobile tests
2. Introduction to Appium
  • Advantages and limits of Appium
  • How does Appium work?
3. Appium in practice – the conception and following of scripts
  • Global overview of customer and Appium server
  • Configuration with Eclipse and Katalon Studio
  • Manual scripts
  • Customed daily files
  • Creation of test reports
4. Automation procedure
  • Deployment of the target application and emulator / terminal
  • Configuration of Appium services
  • Creation of automation on an emulator / terminal prototype
5. Improve Scripts Quality
  • “Web Element” / “Native Element” methods
  • Creation of a target object map
  • Modularization test
6. Appium – Juinit / TestNG / Maven / Jenkins
  • Execute an Appium test script on multiple terminals and deborage
  • Solve identified problems
  • Implementation of an automated framework for the deployment on several terminals / emulators
  • Continual integration with Appium

Certificate, diploma

Une attestation de participation sera transmise aux participants

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Language and price

Windhof (Koerich)
FR 1300,00€

Windhof (Koerich)
FR 1300,00€

Organization contact details

Nathalie Thielemans / Nassera Aici

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