Luxembourg Marketing Cutting-Edge Series (LMCES)

Inter-company training

Who is the training for?

  • Senior / Managers / Head of MarkCom of large companies
  • Managers of MarkCom agencies
  • Start-up


15,00 hours(s)

Language(s) of service



These 5 workshops bring together marketing professionals to learn about the ongoing trends in marketing. The objective of the high-level speakers is to inspire participants and give them a mix of use cases and theoretical concepts to update their knowledge about the future of marketing. Each workshop will include hands-on activities.

At the end of this training, the participant will be able to:

  • understand what the creator economy
  • improve their brand's communication on social media using Neuromarketing & Artificial Intelligence?
  • understand the challenges of Web3
  • know their Customer through Knowledge discovery and data architecture
  • use intelligent marketing through AI and machine learning applications


Creators and the metaverse

At the end of the course the participants will be able to:

  • understand what the creator economy is using real projects as a use case
  • understand how the creator economy operates
  • understand where the creator economy is headed and how companies can navigate it
  • understand the creator economy in the context of the metaverse


  • Creator economy in Web2
  • Creator economy in Web3
  • Projects you need to know
  • Metaverse tools you can use
  • Monetising communities
  • Use case - I will use up-to-date use cases
  • The creator economy in 2025 vs now
  • Creator economy, Web3 and the metaverse
Neuromarketing & Artificial Intelligence - How to improve a brand's communication on social media

At the end of the course the participants will be able to:

  • improve a brand's communication on social media using Neuromarketing & Artificial Intelligence
  • create different messages (content and media types) for various social media platforms and publish on collaborative platforms (e.g.,
  • learn how to use diverse digital neuromarketing and analytics tools in order to craft social media strategies more efficiently (e.g., machine learning solution)
  • receive more information on how to find and select social media and digital influencers for company/brand using special analytics tools, etc.).


  • Overview of Neuromarketing & Consumer Neuroscience
  • Interactive workshop with Neuromarketing and Artificial Intelligence tools (e.g., Eye-tracking (machine learning) solutions, Facial Expression recognition software)
  • Social Media Platforms & best practice of Sustainable Brand Communication
  • Artificial Intelligence solutions for Social Media data
  • The main social media channels will be covered: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
The Internet of Assets - Web3 (Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs )

At the end of the course the participants will be able to:

  • know about Ethereum, Ether and Smart Contracts
  • understand the promise of Web3
  • interact with and use Web3 through a wallet
  • know how to spot and avoid scams


  • What is the "Web3", the internet of assets?
  • How does Ethereum work?
  • What is a wallet?
  • What is a smart contract?
  • What is a token?
  • What is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token)?
  • What is a DAO?
Knowledge discovery and data architecture to Know your Customer

At the end of the course the participants will be able to:

  • recognise their organisation’s data pipeline
  • identify knowledge discovery projects in their environment
  • story telling for a data mining project from an ethics and policies point of view
  • design the main stages of a data mining project
  • formulise and visualise the insights behind each set of data using models
  • hands-on a data mining project using customer behaviour data
  • process mining


In this training, participants will learn, integrate, apply, and evaluate core concepts and tools to explore the available data with extracting, reporting, and using its wisdom. They will dive deep into the advanced methods and techniques of knowledge discovery using sophisticated commercial as well as open-source programming languages. Through this course, the participants will develop their own data pipeline from scratch for multiple real-life marketing projects. Furthermore, they will also be exposed to data lakes, GDPR, data governance, and more. At the end of this three-hour course the trainees will have the awareness of required skills to design and execute their own know-your-customer project.

Robo-Marketing: Developing AI and machine learning applications

At the end of the course the participants will be able to:

  • define the digitalisation need of their organisations
  • identify AI projects in their environment
  • justify a robo-marketing tool from an ethics and policies point of view
  • formulise and visualise the story behind each digital marketing project
  • identify different types of APIs in marketing industry
  • design the main stages of an intelligent marketing app
  • develop different marketing applications from zero to hero


Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics of current times because it has disrupted most industries in recent years. It significantly changes the traditional operating models of marketing departments with redefining strategic priorities and upending the competitive dynamics of the consumption ecosystem. This comprehensive and advanced certification programme addresses the operational, technical, and societal implications of AI in marketing. This training elevates the digital skills of sales and marketing professionals while enabling them to design, develop and implement their first robo-marketing application from scratch. This three-hour programme consists of theoretical concepts as well as coding with programming languages.

Certificate, diploma

At the end of the training, participants will receive a certificate of attendance issued by the House of Training.

Additional information

Egle Vaiciukynaite

Egle Vaiciukynaite is co-founder of Neuromarketing & AI pop-up lab. She is a Neuromarketing expert and a project manager/ researcher at the Digitalisation Research Group, School of Economics and Business, Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). She has over seven years of experience in international (EU, US) and national research projects related to information and communication technologies, customer emotions and customer behaviour. Currently, she is working on five EU (and national) research and study projects related to digitalisation in business, customer emotions, and customer engagement behaviour. Her research interests cover the use of eye-tracking, neurophysiological methodologies, the effect of brand-initiated post variables on social media, and the applying machine learning to predict customer engagement on social media platforms.
She has been working as a (neuro) marketing consultant for business for over seven years. Industry research and consulting experience include international and national brands from various industries: beauty, chemical and biotechnological, food and drink, hospitality, pharmacy, public relations, and communication, etc. Currently, she is working on multiple EU (and national) research and study projects: as a researcher for the international KTU, KEEN and COST (CA16121) project; as an analyst for a national project related to a healthy lifestyle and sustainable food consumption (Neuromarketing); as a leader for international Erasmus+ entitled BSR Cluster manager education project; as a project expert for international Erasmus+ related to the entrepreneurial mindset of non-business academics in Europe.

Linas Damanskis

Linas Damanskis has 25 years of experience in public relations and corporate affairs, media relations and marketing communications. He is actively involved in the strategic development of public affairs, corporate communication, and social initiatives for international and local companies. His work also covers crisis prevention and management, brand awareness, and rebranding campaigns. He was the spokesman of the Ministry of European Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania.
His professional portfolio includes strategic consulting and supervision of integrated communications, as well as crisis management for international companies and brands: Circle K, ERGO, Audi, ZOLFO Cooper, Phillip Morris International, Inchcape, and other brands. He was senior supervisor implementing the National Euro adoption campaign in Lithuania. He was also strategic consultant of national & Pan-Baltic campaigns of integrated communication projects for Sanofi, MARS, Novo Nordisk, Kalnapilis-Tauras group, Laufen, Fresenius Kabi, and others.

Marius Vileiniskis

Marius Vileiniskis holds BSc and MSc degrees in Applied Mathematics from Kaunas University of Technology and a PhD from the University of Nottingham. He has more than 10 years of experience applying Machine Learning to real-world problems. He held Senior Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer roles in companies such as Danske Bank, HomeToGo, IBM, Mambu and currently Majid Al Futtaim. Throughout his experience, he has worked on end-to-end cross-industry solutions to help big companies such as Lufthansa, SIBS, James Fisher to use Data Science and Machine Learning techniques to benefit their business processes. He has mentored numerous aspiring Data Scientists to kick-start or accelerate their careers as well as served as a jury member for MSc Business Big Data Analytics at Kaunas University of Technology.

Karim Youssef Neon Internet

Karim Youssef is the co-founder of Neon Internet. He is passionate about exploring new and innovative applications for cutting edge technology, leading to a variety of interests from high-tech mushroom farmingto Web3 and NFT’s.

Michel Strotz, Neon Internet Misch Strotz is the CEO and co-founder of Neon Internet. He is a technology enthusiast and computer scientist, who has been studying digital trends since childhood. During his life he has built several creative businesses and consulted international brands and governments. He is a believer in freedom of speech and an advocate against centralized power.

Peiman A. Sarvari; Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

Peiman A. Sarvari is an artificial intelligence expert and data scientist at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology. He has an outstanding background in data engineering, cloud computing, robotics, operations research, and computer simulation. Prof. Peiman A. Sarvani helps academia with lecturing on subjects such as big data, AI, and Information Communication Technologies in different European universities. He has successfully managed and fulfilled several business projects on digitalisation and platform design. He is a certified AWS architect, SCADA, and Apache Kafka developer. Currently, Peiman is coupling IIoT and AI for better industrial and business performances. He designs state-of-the-art data pipelines engaging the usages of mathematical optimizers to design data-driven industrial and social communities.

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