LITA Lean IT Foundation

Inter and intra-company training

Who is the training for?

  • Any manager or specialist working in an IT organization can benefit from the insights provided by the qualification.
  • IT professionals who are participating in or involved with lean projects.

Level reached



3,00 day(s)

Language(s) of service



Participants must have attended Lean IT Foundation training in order to take this exam.


Upon completion of the training and examination related to this qualification, a successful candidate will be familiar with the principles of the Lean philosophy and in particular with the application of this philosophy within an IT ­environment.

  • The principles underlying the Lean philosophy
  • The importance of understanding and delivering customer value
  • The way Lean looks at processes and the waste within them
  • How to measure performance and the key determinants of performance
  • What the organizational requirements are when implementing Lean, including the use of visual management tools
  • Which behavior and attitude is necessary for Lean to be successful within an IT organization
  • The DMAIC problem­ solving model
  • How these Lean principles can be applied within an IT organization


Lean IT Foundation helps IT organizations to ensure that they provide their customers with the best possible services. Through understanding customer value, the processes that deliver this value, the way to manage performance, the way to organize and the required attitude and behavior, IT organizations are helped to develop a continuous improvement mindset. Lean IT is complementary to all other best practice methods (such as ITIL®, PRINCE2® and P3O®).

This course covers the Foundation level certification of the Lean IT Association. Further Lean IT qualifications are Lean IT Kaizen Lead, Lean IT Coach and Lean IT Leadership. The Lean IT Foundation is the entry level certification. This certification is mandatory for the other certifications.

The primary purpose of the course is to provide a basis for accreditation of people involved with Lean IT Foundation. It documents the learning outcomes of the Lean IT Foundation and describes the requirements a candidate is expected to meet to demonstrate that these learning outcomes have been achieved.

Day 1
  • Introduction of Lean
  • The Customer
  • Exercise WellCare Voice of the Customer
  • The Process
  • Exercise WellCare SIPOC
Day 2
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Exercise WellCare Value Steam Map
  • Performance
  • Exercise WellCare KPI
Day 3
  • The Lean Organization
  • Problem Solving with Kaizen
  • Behavior and Attitude
  • Wrap ­up and Mock Exam
  • Exam

Teaching methods

  • Classroom with U-­shaped setup preferred
  • Whiteboard, flipchart, and projector
  • A maximum of 10 participants


  • The exam is closed­-book format
  • The exam consists of 50 multiple ­choice questions
  • A minimum score of 75% is required to pass the exam
  • The exam lasts 60 minutes

Certificate, diploma

LITA (Lean IT Association) Lean IT Foundation Certificate. The LITA Lean IT Foundation exams are delivered by PeopleCert

Additional information

Recommended Reading

As part of the course materials two reference books are provided. The publications below provide additional guidance, but is not required for the course:

Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook (chapters 1­4, 9)
Author: Michael L. George
ISBN number 0­07­144119­0
Publisher: McGraw Hill

For insights into how Lean can be applied within the IT environment:
Lean IT, Enabling and sustaining Your Lean Transformation
Authors: Steven C. Bell and Michael A. Orzen
ISBN number 978­1­4398­1756­8
Publisher: Productivity Press Hardback edition published in 2011

For background on the origins of Lean:
The Toyota Way
Author: Jeffrey K. Liker
ISBN: 0­07­139231­9
Publisher: McGraw Hill

For more detail on the behavioral aspects of Lean:
Creating a Lean Culture
Author: David Mann
ISBN: 978­1­4398­1141­2
Publisher: CRC Press

For more information regarding the application of Lean to Services organizations:
The Lean Toolbox for Service Systems
Author: John Bicheno
ISBN: 978­0­9541244­4­1
Publisher: PICSIE Books

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