Leverage your values and virtues: the optimal experience through the mindful use of character strengths

Inter-company training

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3,25 hours(s)

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  • Experience the mindful use of character strengths
  • Use one’s own character strengths to achieve goals, improve relationships, thrive


In 2004 a groundbreaking research provided a cross-cultural, common language describing the best qualities in human beings. The VIA classification of strengths and virtues, which has been regarded as the most wide-reaching effort in positive psychology, in its essential and universal validity, unveils the final, unique DNA of humanity. The 24 character strengths of the VIA classification are values in action; they are “positive traits which are core to our being/identity and our doing/behavior” (R. Niemiec).

Every individual has a unique set of character strengths that, if used in an optimal way, allow them to find well-being and be happy, and different researches have confirmed that people who use their strengths every day are three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life, six times more likely to be engaged at work, 8% more productive and 15% less likely to quit their jobs.

Unfortunately, many people are still unaware of their power, and live their lives in an autopilot mode, which in turn can produce disengagement at work, in private life and relationships, to final dissatisfaction and disconnection from the self inside of each of us.

In this workshop, participants will learn to identify their character strengths and how to use them to improve their well-being, to activate their achievements, to elevate themselves and others towards making use of their resources in the best way.

Expert: Maria Grazia Serra

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Participants are hereby informed that they are likely to appear on photographs taken at the event. These are intended to be published in print and/or digital media published by Maison Moderne.

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