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The role of the team leader requires great responsibilities, both in the supervision and management of the team, and in the development of team members.

This course condenses the theoretical bases necessary for any supervisory role and it offers participants, through exercises and role plays, the appropriate practice of behaviors to the daily situations to which they are confronted.


Module 1:

  • Understand the importance and responsibility of the team leader position as well as the skills required
  • Identify management styles and their application situations
  • Discover the importance of assertive behavior
  • Understand the obstacles to assertiveness
  • Identify avenues to increase your own assertiveness

Module 2:

  • Discover the concepts of impact and influence
  • Understand the decision making process
  • Understand the importance of motivation and its triggers
  • Discover the importance of feedback
  • Learn quality feedback techniques

Module 3:

  • Understand the concept of professional autonomy
  • Learn to diagnose the degree of autonomy of team members
  • Identify on which aspects of the individual the manager can / must act
  • Discover the particularities of management by objectives (SMART)
  • Learn a technique of supporting employees towards the achievement of objectives (GROW)

Teaching methods

  • Support de cours basé sur des concepts du design industriel, de la neuroscience et de la psychologie comportementale
  • Outils pédagogiques numérique, pour renforcer le plaisir d’apprentissage et ancrer dans le 4.0: Kahoot, Padlet, Slido, …

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