The fresco of biodiversity

Inter and intra-company training

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All Audiences interested by the Biodiversity

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3,00 hours(s)

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Understand the causes and consequences of the erosion of biodiversity through a fun and scientific collaborative workshop.

  • 20 minutes: understanding an ecosystem
  • 1 hour: 5 lots for 39 Cards
  • 40 minutes: creativity + feedback
  • 1 hour: workshop debrief


Biodiversity, less publicized than the climate, is often not a priority in the strategies and actions of companies in favor of the environment. The reasons are explained because the issues covered by biodiversity are complex to popularize and their effects vary greatly depending on the territory.
However, awareness of the urgency to take ownership and act on the dramatic erosion of species and ecosystems is emerging thanks to the publication of an unprecedented IPBES* report in 2019 on the speed of destruction and the programming of large-scale global events dedicated to biodiversity in 2020.

(*) The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services is an international group of experts on biodiversity.

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