Introduction to Design Thinking

Inter-company training

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16,00 hours(s)

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No prerequisites necessary


Day 1

Exploring and redefining the problem area from the user's point of view
The teams go through the phases of problem definition, user empathy, and synthesis, ending with a redefinition of the challenge from the user's point of view.

Day 2

Finding ideas, building prototypes and test it with the user
The teams enter the solution space. Based on the perspective developed on the first day, the teams develop user-centric concepts and implement them as testable prototypes.
Short reflection and contextualization of Design Thinking in everyday work


The aim of the workshop is to convey the approach, culture and methods of the user-centered innovation method Design Thinking. The participants will run through all phases of Design Thinking in order to gain a basic understanding of the individual process steps. In addition, the participants reflect on the applicability of the principles of Design Thinking to their own innovation work. Each participant takes from the workshop first skills, which can be used directly for working in teams, in meetings or on complex problems.

Certificate, diploma

DLH Certificate of Participation

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