Introduction to Deep Learning

Inter-company training

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All public


15,00 hours(s)

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Programming with Python, basics of machine learning


  • Learners are able to train deep learning model in simple setting
  • Learners are able to do image classification with deep learning
  • Learners are able to understand the basic theory of deep neural networks
  • Learners are able to grasp the various subfields of deep learning


Deep learning methods have revolutionized the machine learning field. They have encountered tremendous success in computer vision, audio application or natural language processing. They draw their success, among other things, because they are able to provide automatic feature engineering thanks to their hidden layers. The goal of this course is to gain a first understanding of such models and learn how to train and use them. Transfer learning a standard technique to train models more efficiently will be covered.

Certificate, diploma

DLH Certificate of Participation

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