Introduction to Blockchain

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A grasp of basic IT concepts such as "servers", "infrastructure", "applications", "source code", "IT operations", etc.


To allow the participants to develop a broad understanding of blockchain technologies and their current applications from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. To explore the potential impact of public permissionless blockchain technologies and their applications (cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, DAOs) on verticals relevant for Luxembourg such as "finance", "industry","public sector". To explore and ideate around future value-adding applications of "private" blockchains in their specific field At the end of the course, the participant will have explored the technical underpinnings, the political and socio-economic implications of blockchain technologies, and will have had practical experience using blockchain applications. The participant will then be able to autonomously pursue the topic in its socio-economic, functional and innovative context as well as to understand its implications for individuals, businesses and society at large.

The participants will be able to:Explain notions of value, money and credit and their role in a society and economy. Summarise how game theory influences socio-economic interactions. Break down how Blockchain functions, what the roles are of the functional elements and understand the concept of “design goal”. Use blockchain applications and explain the reason for their novelty. Describe the role of decentralisation in a Blockchain system and its consequences for consensus formation, governance and socio-economic transactions. Recognise how Blockchain enables the exchange of value. Argue the implications of digital wallet and decentralised digital identities and explain their connection with Blockchain. Argue how Blockchain alters the trust function in a society and economy. Enumerate the characteristics of decentralised Blockchain ledgers and what they enable for individuals, businesses, economy and society. Recognise the possibilities of smart contracts and decentralised applications.


The course is designed for a broad audience of professionals looking to acquire a solid general understanding of blockchain technologies and their potential impact going forward. The course aims to provide the intellectual tools needed to assess various blockchain technologies and their suitability for solving a spectrum of business problems both in established contexts (big organisations) and in nimble, innovative settings (start-ups).

Certificate, diploma

DLH Certificate of Participation

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