Introduction to ISO 50001 - Energy management system

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Responsables Energie, Responsables Environnement, Chefs d'entreprise ayant un intérêt à la gestion efficace de l'énergie, chefs de production, Facility Managers

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Energy concepts. Basic knowledge of ISO 50001 would be an asset.


Energy efficiency is considered the sine qua non condition for the success of the objectives of reducing energy dependence and moving towards a low-carbon society that is vigilant to climate effects.

The ISO 50001 standard defines a framework of requirements so that organizations can:

  • Develop a policy for more efficient use of energy
  • Set targets and goals to implement energy policy
  • Use measured profiles to better identify energy use and consumption and make relative decisions
  • Measure results
  • Examine the effectiveness of the policy
  • Continuously improve energy management

The standard specifies requirements for energy use and consumption, including measurement, documentation and reporting, design and procurement of equipment and systems, processes and personnel that contribute to energy performance. The standard does not prescribe specific energy performance criteria.

The new element in this training will be the inclusion of the IPMVP protocol (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol) to explain how to define the start of the audits and the steps that lead to a correct and efficient implementation of ISO 50001, by proposing 4 options of standardized measurements.


The objectives of these training sessions are:
1. Understand the standards presented related to the energy management system, the energy audit, and related to the concept of sustainable development.
2. Build local skills on ISO 50001 and its applications, in order to apply energy efficiency and the management system in their operations.
3. Share experience and good practices on the application of ISO 50001.
4. Obtain an introduction to the IPMVP protocol.

Teaching methods

Theoretical and practical presentation, practical illustrations, examples of practical cases, exchanges of experiences.


  • During the training there will be 6 workshops per group of min. 3 people.

At the end of the training an open book test for 2 hours.

Certificate, diploma

Certificate issued by the training institution BIZ-Consultant sàrl - Luxembourg

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FR 550,00€ TTC
FR 550,00€ TTC

Additional information

This training was delivered at an international level in French and English languages.

A client of BIZ-Consultant sàrl in Ukraine obtained the Regional Prize of the Association of Energy Engineers in the United States, after having carried out the implementation of ISO 50001, followed and guided by M. Georges SEIL, CEM and CEO of BIZ-Consultant sàrl.

The training will be given by Mr. Georges SEIL, Certified Energy Manager and ISO 50001 Auditor, international consultant at the EBRD.

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