INSPIRE Quality Client Relations for all Client Contacts

Inter-company training

Who is the training for?

All persons who have client contact

  • Client Service Personnel
  • Sales Personnel
  • Shareholders Services
  • Customer Care
  • Relationship Managers
  • Product Managers

Level reached



1,00 day(s)

Language(s) of service






Inspire Quality Client Relations and deliver meaningful and memorable customer experiences. When you choose to create a true INSPIREd culture, you will build trust, strengthen relationships and increase loyalty.


Develop your associates’ ability to deliver exceptional service to every customer—external or internal—in every contact.



Three modules address the skills and attitudes needed to create high-quality experiences for every customer and employee. Participants learn the INSPIRE quality standard, apply it to their own contacts and measure the impact it can make.

Developing the INSPIRE Mindset of Service

  • Explore what exceptional service is from the customer’s perspective
  • Define the INSPIRE standard of communication

Establishing INSPIRE Relationships with Others

  • Create the right impression through words, tone and visual choices
  • Make a connection through listening and empathy
  • Build security and trust with MAGIC phrases

Expressing INSPIRE Accountability

  • Discover “the real issue” through listening and questioning skills
  • Express commitments and agreements by using clear and specific language
  • Transform barrier-focused responses into customer-focused communication
  • Measure the quality of each contact with The 31 Points of INSPIRE

After participating in the program, associates will:

  • Make a measurably better impression on customers
  • Reduce time spent on unproductive detours in conversations
  • Increase their confidence and ability to handle difficult customer contacts

With the INSPIRE standard, your organization can hire, train, measure and coach your associates to consistently high service levels. This will result in a culture where associates embrace a service mindset, model it in every touch point and build superior customer relationships.

Teaching methods

Participants learn in a lab-like environment that includes recorded skill practices and individualized feedback. They apply the skills to scenarios that replicate your customer interactions.


The training is so effective that they demonstrate new skills in class, make measurable progress and can apply these skills immediately on the job

Certificate, diploma

Attendees will receive a certificate of participation

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