Residential Immersion in German for Beginners

Inter-company training

Who is the training for?

For anyone who wants to improve their English quickly so that they can communicate with confidence in their professional environment.

Entrepreneurs, Managers, Employees, Expatriates, Professionals, Executives.

Level reached



5,00 day(s)

The immersion starts on Sunday at 6pm and ends on Friday at 6pm.

Language(s) of service



  • Elearning platfom MyCERAN
  • Grammar Book
  • Other authentic material


CERAN training courses aim to provide a global and personalized solution to all your language training needs.

Our teams are present at every stage of your project: from preparing your participation to understand your needs and expectations, to personally accompanying you during your stay at our center.

Through this training, you will be able to:

  • Acquire a general and/or specific knowledge of the language
  • Develop an intensive, fast and efficient command of the language
  • Participate in meetings or conduct video-conferences in a foreign language
  • Communicate with greater ease in international business situations


On the agenda each day:

  • 4 general communication activities (maximum 4 people)
  • 2 communication activities in professional situations (maximum 8 people)
  • 2 individual assimilation workshops (trainer available)
  • Optional: individual work, wellness
  • 1 press review & 1 thematic evening activity
  • Breakfast, two breaks, lunch debate and dinner led by a native German teacher

Points covered

If required:

Social or professional situations: negotiating, managing, speaking, leading meetings, selling, decision-making...

Teaching methods

Unique methodology: communication, interaction and personalisation

Interactive learning techniques:

  • QRI: Questions - Responses - Intonation
  • Key sentences: summer of your lessons
  • Phonetic correction: Verbo-tonal method


  • At the beginning and end of the course: online and face-to-face
  • Initial assessment: level test and target setting
  • Progress monitoring
  • Final assessment: interview with the teacher

Certificate, diploma

Skills assessment - European CEFR level

Additional information

  • All Inclusive Package (includes courses, accommodation, and meals)
  • International clients
  • CERAN is a recognized organization for the co-financing training in Luxembourg

Organization contact details

Isabelle Bierwerts

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