How to Deal with Difficult People at Work

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Anyone wishing to prevent and better manage difficult people.


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It often happens that a manager is confronted with one or more employees with a difficult personality: negative, critical, sometimes even manipulative people.
It only takes one person to impact the entire team or department.
In times of constant change and adaptation, this can have a significant impact, undermining the performance and commitment of teams. Worse, a difficult person can turn out to be contagious and lead other people along with him/her into a downward spiral.
Concrete strategies and tools are proposed to help prevent and manage interactions with difficult personalities, to reframe them and put an end to the harmful consequences.

After the training the participant shall be able to:

  • Identify the types of difficult people
  • Avoid the traps, the strategies they put in place
  • Define and acquire the appropriate know-how, behavior and communication
  • Learn to reframe, cleanse, and stay the course
  • Develop inner serenity to gain managerial power.


Types of difficult personalities

  • Characteristics
  • Operating mode

Psychological games

  • Identify a psychological game
  • Forestall psychological games and manipulative or aggressive attitudes

The allergies

  • Identify allergies
  • Treat allergy and recreate a healthy relational basis

Identify / Address / Reframe

  • Identify: Difficult person or person in difficulty?
  • Address: Create preventive or curative conditions
  • Reframing: Reframing Methodology

Optimise your energy on a daily basis

  • Develop your inner strength so as not to let yourself be destabilised
  • Identify energy-consuming attitudes
  • Simple and effective tools to keep calm and inner peace

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