Growth Mindset & Positive Leadership to forge ahead

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  • Understand what are the underlying determinants of human behaviour in your organization.
  • Discover how Positive Leadership allows you to better manage these determinants.
  • Learn in particular how to stimulate in yourself and in your teams the Growth Mindset, this summer of development spirit that allows serene and effective adaptation to your challenges.


NeuroLead helps organizations to manage serenely and effectively the most complex factor in modern times, namely human behaviours and mindsets that drive them. To achieve this in a context of continuous change, it is necessary to leave the superficial surface of behaviours and dive deeper in search of their root causes. During this workshop we will discover those ultimate drivers, which are mindsets, emotions and motivations. We will see how Positive Leadership, informed by the most recent discoveries of Neurosciences, can help you manage these determinants in a "Brain Friendly" way, which means compatible with the optimal functioning of the human brain. Then we will zoom into the particular aspect of our mindset to discover our two most common ways of thinking, Fixed Mindset (how sometimes we play just not to lose) and Growth Mindset or how to play to win, learn, adapt and grow. We will explore in a practical way how these two thought modes are expressed and how to switch to Growth Mindset each time we are confronted with a difficulty, a change, a challenge or a complex situation that pushes us out of our comfort zone. Finally, we will see some elements to allow you to stimulate Growth Mindset in your organization or your team.

Expert: Patrick Goffart, Neurolead

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