Customer experience in times of crises: Understanding your clients: Creating customers personas online

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Why it’s so important to focus on your customers’ needs and expectations – especially in times like these?
Possibly like never before, companies need to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. Customers aren’t buying, internal budgets are cut, shops, bars and restaurants have to close and organisations have to adapt to new ways of working across teams. Retaining existing customers is more important than ever but identifying new opportunities and preparing for potentially new customers is very important too.
Personas, stakeholder maps, and journey maps are handy tools for understanding where you are, where you want to go long-term…and where you might need to go in the short-term. They help you to understand the current strengths and weaknesses of your service, and decide what you need to do now to retain your customer base.
Stepping into your customers’ shoes to understand their needs, goals, attitudes, and pain points. will help you to design your new digital strategy.


Introduction to user personas: Benefits and Goals

Creating Customer Personas:

  • Definition, Goals, Examples and Online tools

Customer Journey Maps:

  • Definition, Goals, Examples and Online tools

Points covered

Digital Competence:

Developing digital content
Integrating and re-elaboraring digital content



Certificate, diploma

Certificat Art Square Lab

Additional information

First session (4h): Input, virtual workshops and presentation on Zoom plateforme

After this first workshop participants create personas and prepare customer journeys maps with their team members for their business

Second session (4h): presentation of the projects, feedback and iteration on personas and customer journey; implementation plan in the organisation, across the silos