Empathy for highly effective teams and employees

Inter and intra-company training

Who is the training for?

All audiences

Level reached



At the client's discretion
  • 1-2h hours per day for 2 weeks (lunch breaks or end of days)
  • 2-3 full days
  • half-day once a week
  • ...

Depending on your expectations, the audience size, we determine the perfect combination of skills to buil how you want these delivered

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Several recent studies demonstrate empathy as one of the critical skills for highly effective organizations and leaders.

Feeling the experience of others with authenticity and respect helps you better understand their point of view and makes you better able to communicate in a way everyone will respond to. Empathy can be difficult to practice and fragile to maintain, but to yields the greatest rewards in relationships with colleagues, clients, friends and yourself. Learning to simply communicate empathy is a step towards truly practicing this golden skill in everyday interactions.

Learning outcomes
  • Understand different types of empathy
  • Understand how empathy plays a role in the self, team dynamics, and the organization
  • Practice techniques for incorporating active listening and empathetic body language into everyday communications
  • Regulate your own emotions and boundaries to be more receptive to others
  • Understand the difference with compassion and learn how to combine it with empathy and altruism
  • Apply these techniques for disheartened, confused, or upset colleagues or customers
  • Take part in games and toys to learn the skill of empathy
Benefits out of the training
  • Enjoy better customer and colleague relationships
  • Anticipate needs of colleagues and clients
  • Foster emotional and physical health and well-being
  • Make employees more open-minded and accepting outlook on life and people
  • Improve conflict resolution skills


  • Welcome and round table
  • Agenda et goals
  • Understanding the different kind of empathy
  • Learning techniques for active listening and empathic body language
  • Practicing empathic communication styles
  • Identifying the benefits associated with empathy for highly effective collaboration
  • Q&A and feedback

Teaching methods

Practical exercises and theoretical contributions

Certificate, diploma

A certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the training

Mode of organisation

Allagi wants to be accommodating and adaptable to your specific context. Let's coordinate and help you design yhe best program of training to meet your needs

Additional information

All the elements covered by the Trainer during the course are based on

  • ITIL and Prince2 best practices
  • Recent scientific and sociologic studies conducted for several years and among the largest universities
  • A rich professional and human experience as leader in IT, Bid, Delivery, Sales... within a wide range of customers ww
  • Certifications
    • "ITIL Foundations" V2 & V3
    • "Prince2 Foundation"
    • "Gender" by the University of Hong Kong (MOOC)
    • "Science of Happiness" by the University of Berkeley (USA) (MOOC)

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