Digitalisation and fermentation: Perfect duo in the sustainable kitchen!


Who is the training for?

Specialists in the HORE(S)CA sector who wish to learn and apply the fermentation and the digitalization advantages for a better organization and a more sustainable kitchen.

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Discover the advantages of fermentation - a "smart" technique for preparing and preserving food - and learn how to apply the necessary IT tools to make your professional life easier!


Learn how to use fermentation and some easy software for:

  • a better management of your time in the kitchen and of food preparation processes (agenda tool);
  • the rationalization of menus, the classification of work phases and the preparation methods (database tools);
  • the inventory of food costs and wastage, as well as the communication of data to customers for advertising purposes (audit, data collection, analysis and transfer - excel and logbook).

Points covered

Even if the computer has fortunately not yet replaced the cook, digitalization makes a lot of things easier.
The benefits include not only increased efficiency in terms of productivity, but also the optimization of resources and techniques, resulting in a reduction in costs and waste (up to 20%) as well as a better quality of life.

Teaching methods

Individualized training takes place on the dedicated e-learning platform ILIAS and combines different forms of work (individual, with a supervisor, theory, videos and practical exercises), which the participant uses at his (her) own pace.

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