Become a Continuing Professional Training Officer

Inter-company training

Who is the training for?

Salarié(e)s de la fonction RH et toutes personnes en charge de cette fonction dans l'entreprise ou désireuse d'y accéder.

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1,00 day(s)

Une formation sur une journée de 9h00 à 12h30 et de 13h00 à 17h00

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  • Plan and manage the training plan
  • Optimize the organization of training
  • Contribute to the full effectiveness of the training
  • Establish and monitor the key indicators of the training policy


Step 1: Define the training policy
  • The foundations of training and the role of the Training Officer or Manager
  • Take into account the obligations and commitments of the company
  • Understand the company's projects and challenges and their impact on training.
Step 2: Master the different training access systems in Luxembourg
  • The co-financing of professional training for the company
  • Ease of access to training in Luxembourg for employees
Step 3: Analysis and collection of training needs
  • The stages of analysis and collection of needs and their sources
  • Need identification tools
  • The objectives of the training
Step 4: Build the training plan (newly called skills development plan)
  • The overall plan creation process
  • Mandatory training
  • The different learning methods
Step 5: Present and promote the training plan for validation with your hierarchy
  • Highlight its training plan to key players
Step 6: Implement the organization of validated training
  • The essential sections of a specification
  • Develop the specifications of a personalized training
  • Internal training
  • The call for an external trainer
  • The selection of a training organization
Step 7: Integrate new ways of learning
  • The levers of skills acquisition
  • The different teaching methods and tools
  • The modalities of digital training: Gamelearn, blended....
Step 8: Set up a quality approach
  • Develop a dashboard
  • Monitor and adjust the training budget
  • Determine quality indicators
  • Improve the efficiency of training actions

Teaching methods

La formation alterne les apports théoriques et la réflexion personnelle, les échanges avec le groupe, les exercices pratiques et les mises en situation.

Certificate, diploma

Une attestation de formation sera délivrée à l'issue de la formation.

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Language and price

FR 1440,00€

FR 1440,00€

Organization contact details

Géraldine Delcourt

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