DAC6, FATCA/CRS and AML: interactions between legislations

Inter-company training

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All line of defenses of the financial industry: from board members to compliance officers and members of KYC units.

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In a more and more complex tax regulatory environment, procedures, processes and IT systems are superseding each other, without sometimes an overall tax governance architecture, with a risk of missing to identify or report some tax risks. At the same time, clients and investors become more and more frustrated in the delays in the treatment of their requests (especially in case of client on-boarding).

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • determine when interactions between DAC6, AML, withholding tax and FATCA/CRS should be contemplated;
  • understand the risks if interactions are not properly and timely assessed in their client/investor on-boarding process;
  • document tax compliance of a client in a more streamlined manner.


This module covers the following:

  • Onboarding of the client under the different regulations: obligations and best practice
  • Where are my risks? - Practical examples
  • When do I need to ask for a tax memo?
  • Optimisation of the onboarding process as part of the tax governance function

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Additional information

This training is coordinated by Pierre Kirsch, Tax Partner in charge of tax transparency related tax consulting, PwC Luxembourg.

The team of trainers consists of experienced PwC specialists who are specialised in tax transparency related issues. The team which is helping clients since 2021 in their tax transparency obligations has gained far reaching technical as well as practical expertise in this respect.

Pierre is the responsible partner at PwC Luxembourg for AML Tax (detection of tax fraud), CRS, FATCA and DAC 6 and heavily involved in projects assisting financial services clients to understand and implement all those legislations.

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