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Inter-company training

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No prerequisites necessary


Learners are able to have a better TEAM performance.
This activity will aim to combine a sports and educational activity with important workshops for the smooth running of group work.


Our team building course offer companies the opportunity to get to know and understand their team members better by focusing on a combination of fitness, self-defense, and personal development. We offer a variety of activities that aim to strengthen team members on physical, emotional, and mental levels.

Our course includes fitness exercises aimed at improving body control and endurance, as well as self-defense techniques that enhance self-confidence and the ability to assert oneself in stressful situations. We offer here a workshop that's main focus is on stress management and personal development to help team members better interact with each other and themselves.

Our goal is to help companies build a stronger, closer team by providing them with the tools to get to know each other in an environment other than the workplace. By learning new skills and understanding their own bodies, team members will be able to improve their own performance and that of the team as a whole.

Our team-building course is a unique and entertaining way for companies to get to know and train their employees while also improving their physical and mental fitness. We look forward to welcoming you to our course and helping you take your team to the next level.

Certificate, diploma

DLH Certificate of Participation

Additional information

For our team building course, it is important that participants come prepared with appropriate athletic clothing and a basic level of physical fitness. The course will involve a variety of fitness exercises, self-defense techniques, and other physical activities, so it is important that participants have clothing that allows them to move comfortably and safely. Additionally, the course is designed to help participants improve their overall fitness level and to build a strong foundation. Therefore, it is important that participants have a basic level of physical fitness to be able to keep up with the course and to fully benefit from it.