All you ever wanted to know about Venture Capital (VC)

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3 sessions with all the interesting facts you ever wanted to know about Venture Capital.

  • The 1st session focuses on VC fund dynamics including strategies, portfolio diversification, return probability distribution and Co-investments for LPs.
  • The 2nd one focuses more on VC fund investing including different approaches to deal sourcing, investment criteria, analysis & due diligence.
  • The last session includes information about the VC deal making and different tools like valuation of a start-up, methods to negotiate term sheets and finalizing deals.


Session 1: Venture Capital Fund Dynamics
  • 1. VC Strategies
  • 2. VC Fund economics
  • 3. VC Portfolio diversification
  • 4. VC Return probability distribution
  • 5. VC Co-investments for LPs
  • 6. Family Offices and VC Fund Dynamics
Session 2: Venture Capital deal making & tools
  • 1. Lead or Follower Investor?
  • 2. How to value Startups
  • 3. Negotiating term sheets
  • 4. Equity vs. convertible
  • 5. Finalizing deals (shareholder agreements, articles, side letters)
  • 6. Corporate governance in a minority situation
  • 7. Takeaways for Family Offices, Funds, Corporate and Public organizations
Session 3: Venture Capital Fund Investing
  • 1. Approaches to deal sourcing
  • 2. Deal Flow Management
  • 3. Investment criteria & screening
  • 4. Analysis & Due Diligence
  • 5. Family Office & VC Investing

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