Purchasing sustainable and quality food - Focus Agri-food sector and food distribution

Inter-company training

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For Chefs, Purchasing Managers, QHSE, Waste Manager and Management

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4,00 hours(s)

2 x 2 heures

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Sustainable food aims to feed human beings in sufficient quality and quantity. Food practices have evolved with new needs such as veganism, or the development of vegetable proteins to replace meat, but how to change the menus in the collective restaurants? Similarly, solutions to fight against food waste are sometimes opposed to food safety, what is it really? This training focuses on the challenges of sustainable food, food waste, and its daily solutions in the workplace.


The arrival and development of bulk - Food waste - The transformation of unsold products - The actors in place - The effects of climate change and geo-strategic issues - Neutrality objectives for 2050 - Animal welfare - Packaging

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