General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Leveraging Data (virtual classroom)

Blended learning

Who is the training for?

Marketing Executives, Business Developers, Data Protection Officers, Project Managers, HR managers with some prior knowledge of Privacy norms, and the GDPR


4,00 hours(s)

Language(s) of service



This course is about leveraging personal data to deliver real value in a GDPR world where privacy is increasingly desired, yet threatened. It is designed for entities / corporates that want to enhance the stakeholder experience using personal data as a differentiator, while applying consistent standards and processes for the compliant and secure handling of personal data.


  • How to make the GDPR challenge an opportunity
  • Personalisation and privacy in a GDPR world
  • Leveraging GDPR "Legitimate Interests Processing"
  • Effectively executing internal and external Marketing campaigns
  • Managing privacy in the face of COVID-19 for staff and clients
  • Reinforcing the principle of accountability

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