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Aviation Academy Luxembourg  S.A.

About us

Unsere Akademie bietet in Zusammenarbeit mit DGM Luxembourg Unternehmen und Einzelpersonen verschiedene zertifizierte IATA-Schulungen an. Unser Ziel ist es, Schulungen in den Bereichen Fracht, Luftfahrt, Gefahrgut und Reisen & Tourismus für viele Länder anzubieten, um die Qualitätsstandards für Sicherheit in Logistik und Luftfahrt zu verbessern.

Diese Schulungen umfassen:

  • LUFTFAHRT: Ausbildung der Kabinenbesatzung,Training für A319/A320/A321 (in der Klasse und im Flugtraining). Zunächst in Kooperation mit SkyPeople UK. EASA Zugelassener PartnerUmbau A319/320/321 in Zusammenarbeit mit UAB Avion Express Luxembourg Branch EASA genehmigt.
  • LOGISTIK: IATA Cargo Diplome (in Klassenausbildung und Praktika):IATA-Diplom in Luftfracht, IATA Cargo Einführungskurs, IATA Air Cargo Bewertung, IATA-Gefahrgutvorschriften Cat.6 (sowohl Initial als auch Auffrischung), Cat 9/10 (sowohl Initial als auch Auffrischung).
  • IATA-Vorschriften für lebende Tiere, IATA-Versand Verderbliche Fracht / temperaturempfindliche Sendungen, Paletten aufbauen
  • LOGISTIK: IATA Travel & Tourism Diploma (In Class Training und/oder Fernstudium, Praktika): IATA-Diplom in Reisen & Tourismus, IATA Foundation in Travel & Tourism

Teaching methods

Aviation Academy Luxembourg S.A. is the owner of DGM Luxembourg Findel S. à r.l. who is an Authorized Training Center and Accredited IATA School

  • DGM Luxembourg Sarl is a Strategic Partner of IATA and FIATA
  • IATA Authorized Training School and Training Center
  • All our Instructors have long time experience in the fields (min 20 years)
  • All our instructors have Government Approvals and long Work Experience in Global Premium Companies
  • Approved IATA Instructors, or DGM Support Approvals
  • We are helping to get jobs abroad and in Luxembourg
  • Student Financial Support Possible (Bourse d'Etudiant)
  • Hand chosen Students as we take only local talents
  • Seats are limited!
  • We focus only on Quality and not on Quantity!
  • Safety First
  • Getting New Students or Jobless people a chance to re-orientate into a great successful new direction!
  • 280 million people work in this industry worldwide
  • Diplomas are worldwide recognized

Training domains

For more information on training domains, please see Glossary

Training-related activities

  • Information
  • Support - Coaching
  • Initial training
  • Training advice and services
  • Management and organisation consulting
  • Training course planning and design
  • Mediation
  • Training path management
  • Skills audit

Some figures

  • Beginning of the training activity in 2013
  • 4 permanent trainer(s)
  • 30 participant(s) per year
  • 2 occasional trainer(s)
  • 120 hours of training per year
  • 4 course(s) on the site

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Contact the training provider
Serge Soucek

+352 24 56 94 91


Practical information
Accreditation 10044997/3
Activity area Allemagne
Phone +352 24 56 94 91
Fax +352 24 56 94 90
Address Luxair Cargo Center Office K-2091/K-2092
L-1360 Luxembourg
Languages English, German
Organisation Conferences, e-learning, Inter-company training, Intra-company training, Self-directed learning
Type off-the-shelf and custom-made course
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