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Finance for Real Estate Professionals

2 jour(s)


Real Estate is one of the topics that is not taught outside of dedicated programs. Most people go through trial and error when they start renting their first apartment, buying their home and investing in their first buy-to-rent opportunity. In the process they are overwhelmed by the information from experts and non-professionals ending up in a very time consuming and inefficient decisions.

Real Estate is a lumpy asset class, meaning that it often involves large lump sum and bank financing, which is making any decision a decisive decision. This program aims at coaching the participants to take control of their real estate and make better investment choices.


The curriculum of this program covers the basic knowledge that you need to achieve your real estate wealth management objectives.
  • What are we trying to achieve?
  • How to define my objectives? Do I have my wealth strategy in mind?
  • What are the implications for your real estate choices?
  • What is an investment decision? What is the easy math behind it?
  • What is real estate?
  • Real estate markets and economics.
  • Key parameters of the real estate market.
  • How to make view on real estate market.
  • Real estate as an asset class, how is it different from than bonds and equity?

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A qui s'adresse la formation?

The Real Estate for professionals is designed for any Real Estate professional who will work with qualified investors or HNWI or UNHWI and wants to be better equipped to put real estate at the centre of their clients wealth management strategy


Certificat, diplôme

The participant will obtain certificate from Luxembourg School of Business.

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  • Price:

Euros 2,200 (+3% VAT) per participant.

For group pricing contact us

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