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Agile Coach Certification

5 jour(s)


  • Agile has considerably evolved since the last twenty years from engineering to organizational development. Besides this evolution, people want more and more to be involved with this “approach” and companies are looking to hire best coaches to accompany them in their transformation.
  • Agile Coach Certification is a program for senior coaches willing to engage in a learning journey to improve their knowledge and share with their peers the results emerging from their praxis.The aim of this program is to train great coaches with the ability to change the whole organization.
  • We will be running Modules over 5 days. You can attend all of the Modules or attend separately. In order to be certified you must attend all of the Modules plus finish the requirements for certification.



Module/Session - Day 1 - Agile principles and definition of Agile Coaching
  • What is agile?
  • Purpose of Agile Coaching
  • Why coaching?
  • Agile vs other types of coaching:
  • What makes agile coaching different?
  • Agile coach
  • What is not Agile Coaching
Module/Session - Day 2 - What is Scrum Coaching
  • What's Scrum?
  • Setting up the Scrum
  • Support and accompany
  • The phases to implement Scrum properly?
  • Make it a game
  • What is not Scrum Coaching?
Module/Session - Day 3 - What is Kanban Coaching
  • What's Kanban?
  • How to start my Kanban
  • How to coach and lead change?
  • Types of Kanban coaches
  • The phases to implement Kanban successfully
  • Make it a game
  • What is not Kanban coaching?
Module/Session - Day 4 - Agile organizational transformation and change
  • Adapting system to changing organization?
  • The usual problems
  • The AO framework
  • Top Down or Bottom up
  • Tools that will help you
  • Why the traditional Change Models doesn't work?
  • Make it a game
  • Tips, tricks and useful tools
Module/Session - Day 5 - Facilitation and visual management
  • Facilitation as core coaching activity
  • The PlörK method: embrace playfulness
  • Communicate:
  • Facilitate:
  • Build coaching workshops:
  • Visualise it: basic visual management tools to engage people
  • The Uzmo technique
  • Games: from Take the Win Win Wave to Draw how to make a toast.
  • The Kamishibai facilitation game
Next steps towards Certification
Méthodes pédagogiques
  • Training like coaching: PRAXIS
  • The training sessions are all highly cooperative and engaging.
  • A collaborative workshop.
  • It is shaped to fit to the audience, their specials skills and expectations.

Public cible

A qui s'adresse la formation?

  • Project managers
  • Coaches - Individual and Systemic
  • HR Professionals
  • Managers interested in Agile Methodology
  • Executive Management




Méthodes d'évaluation

  • 80% experience based knowledge, 20% pragmatic theory
  • Experiential sessions

Certificat, diplôme

A certification of participation will be handed out at the end of the training. With this certificate, the attendee can become certified after fulfilling certification requirements.

Informations supplémentaires

  • 5 modules covering 1 day each
  • Attendees can attend separate modules but to be certified a participant must attend all 5 modules.

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Documents will be sent to the attendee before every Module/Session. Pre-reading is mandatory.

Langues de prestation
  • Partnering with Agile² GmbH - www.agilesqr.com - Heidelberg
  • Trainer/Facilitator: Pierre E. Neis
  • Cert. Agile Master Coach
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