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9e classes (third year of secondary education)

Many young people and adults have not reached the level of the 9e class which they need to be able to achieve their professional projects. The same is true for immigrants who do not have a recognised level of education or whose knowledge of languages is insufficient to join the training system in Luxembourg.

The 9e class is crucial for access to further studies and vocational training. For all these people, daytime and evening classes are available so that they can reach the level of the 9e class.

Initial training Second qualification route
Lower cycle
'9e théorique' class (TE) '9e polyvalente' class (PO) '9e
pratique' class (PR)
'9e modulaire' class (MO)
  • TE, PO and PR 9e classes
    - Evening classes at the LTC, LTE, LN

  • PR 9e class - Evening classes at the CNFPC-Ett.

  • TE, PO and PR 9e classes
    - Evening classes in the French-language scheme at the LTC

  • 9+ - Daytime classes (mornings) based on the syllabuses of the TE, PO and PR 9e classes at the E2C

  • Basic and advanced 9e classes
    - Daytime classes at the E2C

  • PR 9e class
    - Daytime classes in the German-language scheme at the CNFPC-Ett.

  • PR 9e class
    - Daytime classes in the French-language scheme at the CNFPC-E.
théorique' class (TE)
polyvalente' class (PO)
'8e modulaire' class (MO)
'7e secondaire technique' class (ST) '7e modulaire' class (MO)

Evening classes to achieve the level of the 9e class

People who have not successfully completed the 9e class can attend evening classes under the technical and vocational training schemes, so that they can go on to the subsequent year of education (the 10e class).

TE, PO and PR 9e classes are available at the following lycées (secondary schools):

  • LTC - Lycée technique du Centre
  • LTE - Lycée technique d'Esch
  • LN - Lycée du Nord.

The LTC also offers these three classes in the French-language scheme.

The PR 9e class is also taught at the CNFPC-Ettelbruck.

9+: daytime classes for adults to achieve the level of the 9e class

As part of the alternative qualification route, adult training offers a new scheme enabling people to improve their 9e class level and go on to join the Luxembourg's formal training and qualification scheme.

The training is based on the programmes of the 9e pratique, 9e polyvalente and 9e théorique classes and on the foundation skills required for access to the DAP, the technician's and the technical programmes. Classes are held from 8 a.m. to 12 noon from Monday to Thursday, at the second chance school (École de la 2e chance).

Admission requirements

  • be at least 18 years of age,
  • have a personal training, professional insertion or advancement project,
  • commit to attending classes regularly and carrying out self-learning in addition to the classes.


The training is free of charge, but learners are required to acquire textbooks and learning aids, for which no financial assistance is available.

In terms of methodology, the teaching is based on the following principles:

  • Subjects are grouped together and taught in an integrational fashion (maths, ICT and natural sciences; languages, human and social sciences).
  • The training comprises classroom courses and supervised self-learning.

The learner's training project is set out in a training agreement. At the end of the course, on the basis of formative and summative assessments, learners receive a report, a statement describing the competences they have acquired, and an opinion as to future guidance.

The 9e class at daytime classes

Basic and advanced 9e classes

The basic 9e class makes it possible for young people between the ages of 16 and 30 to join a 10e class in the vocational scheme, so that they can obtain a DAP or a CCP qualification.

Successful completion of the advanced 9e class gives access to the technical scheme, making it possible to obtain the technical secondary school leaving diploma (diplôme de fin d'études secondaires techniques).

These classes are available at the second chance school .

'9e pratique' class (PR)

The CNFPC offers the '9e pratique' class in two separate languages.

  • German-language scheme - CNFPC - Ettelbruck
  • French-language scheme - CNFPC - Esch


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