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Data Integration in the Life Science 2017 Conference (DILS 2017)

Discover the latest findings on the domain and exchange with researchers, industrials and end-users of biomedical data.

LIST - 14/11/2017

This year we will have two renowned keynote speakers - Prof. Robert Stevens, form Manchester University, and Dr. Alex Bateman, Head of Protein Sequence Resources at EMBL-EBI - and we will introduce high quality works dealing with several aspects of data integration:

  • Semantic interoperability,
  • Visualization,
  • Data Retrieval,
  • Data Annotation, etc.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to discover what the research can do for you, and to enrich your network of contacts.

Join us at DILS 2017!

Invited Speakers

Robert Stevens Prof. Robert Stevens, University of Manchester

Ontologies and data integration: A state of the nation

In this talk, Pr Robert Stevens will describe where the bio-ontologies community is, where it needs to go and how it should do so. Along the way, he will elucidate some of the other necessary conditions for exploiting knowledge in biology. If we achieve these conditions, ontologies will still be used in another 20 years time and, by then, will have contributed significantly to our understanding of biology.

Alex Bateman Dr Alex Bateman, EMBL-EBI

UniProt: A universal hub of protein knowledge

In this presentation Dr. Alex Bateman will discuss the UniProt KnowledgeBase which has been providing data for protein sequence and function for over 30 years. He will discuss how we are dealing with the deluge of sequence data to organise it in ways to make users lives easier and more scalable. He will show with examples how expert curators gather knowledge from the literature, evaluate it and add value through structuring it with a variety of ontologies and try to answer if expert curation scale with the vast biomedical literature.

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Date Du 14/11/2017 au 15/11/2017
Horaire 14/11 - 09h30 à 19h30
15/11 - 09h10 à 12h00
Prix à partir de 200€
Lieu Hotel Parc Belle-Vue
5, avenue Marie-Thérèse
L-2132 Luxembourg
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